Right, so my second post on this blog, and my first “outfit” post.

This is an outfit I wore on May Day (so, like, nearly a couple weeks ago now, but I didn’t have my blog then, did I). It was a really lovely sunny day, and I had the day of from work, so after having a bit of a lie-in, I put on this dress and hit the park.


The yellow of the dress (which I acquired for £10 at a vintage clothes fair) felt perfect for the sunny day, I couldn’t help but feel cheerful wearing it. Plus halter dresses are so fantastic for a sunny day, it’s really lovely feeling the sun on my shoulders. I added some burgundy tights to complement the yellow (and because while it was very sunny, there was also a fair amount of wind) and wore with sandals. I also had a brown corduroy jacket to wear when it got too windy.


In order to take these photos, I tried a set-up that I hadn’t really done before. Namely, I set up my camera (using my new 50mm lens) on my tripod and used a remote shutter release to take the photos. Quite happy with the results, although it took a bit of time to get the focus right.


However, the lipstick I was wearing may have come out a bit too brightly, especially with the yellow dress. If I wear this outfit in future, I’d probably go for a more subtle lipstick (as I did that evening). Additionally, my hair is a bit wild in the wind – although I have since had a haircut and worn my hair straightened, so let’s see how that turns out.


That evening, still wearing this outfit, I celebrated Beltane (the Gaelic May Day festival, marking the beginning of summer) with a bunch of queer friends around a bonfire in a community garden in the park (which was an absolutely lovely and wholesome time). I was told that yellow is the traditional colour of Beltane. So, perfect.



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